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02 April 2009 @ 05:13 pm
I Can't Quit You-Chapter Five  
Title: I Can't Quit You-Chapter Five
Fandom: Supernatural
Author: onemacabredream
Pairing: Dean/OFC
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5,677
Chapter Summary: Dean meets Jean Emers and Erin and Mrs. McDonald who seems intent on getting him and George in bed together.

As the weeks wore on the weather got colder and colder and, much to Dean's supposedly unapparent disappointment, George stopped wearing shorts and tank tops and opted for jeans and t-shirts.

Dean spent most of his time with George, his dad disappearing for weeks at a time doing god knows what, and Sam hung out with Josh. George never questioned him about his dad, so he returned the favor and never questioned her about her mother, even though he knew his dad was going to kill him if he didn't get the information he needed.

George explained to him that everyone was off in different states or countries but they would start coming back towards the end of August.

"Erin's dad sent him off to camp. He'll be back sometime soon though" she told him with a knowing smile and an amused twinkle in her eyes.

He was going to apologize for following her that night but she just went on talking about where to sit in which classes and which teachers he should avoiding getting in trouble with and which teachers he should get in trouble with.

It was the last week before school and he was on his way to the diner when he noticed a black saloon car with black windows turning the curb up ahead. Wonder who's ride that is, he thought as he continued his walk. He never liked limos or any car similar to them. They were hard to drive (hunt in Los Angeles) and they were so long it was hard to round a corner without hitting the curb. Plus, they gave him a headache

He tried driving one before and it wasn't exactly the smoothest ride he had driven or Sam had ridden in. But, they got the son of a bitch in the end and that's what mattered.

As the diner came into view he saw that the car was parked in front of it. Whoever they are they're probably a bunch of richass snooty snobs that have their noses held so high a bee could fly right into them, he thought and internally groaned at the thought. The last thing Dean needed right now was meeting a bunch of stuck up people who think they're better than everyone else because they had money.

His dad had called yesterday night to tell them that he was going to be gone another week. Dean had a fight with him about it but John refused to give him any information about his whereabouts. What pissed him off even more was that he had used the excuse that school was coming close and that Dean and Sam had to focus on that.

What was the use of school? It wasn't like it was important, especially in their line of work, and it wasn't like Dean was going to drop hunting and pursue a career of douchebaggery. And he saw no way a high school diploma could help him kill a ghost. It wasn't like he could walk up to a spirit and say "Hey I've got a diploma so you need to fuck off and move on" and besides, it was only excuse. His dad probably didn't give two shits about school. At the beginning of a hunt he would pull them out like nothing else but the big bad they were going after mattered and then, once they finished the job it was always like: Okay, back to school. If you don't get an A on your next test you'll have to clean all the guns and sharpen all the knives.

Dean didn't understand it, and Dean didn't like not understanding things. So, he figured, the one thing he could count on to cheer him up was George and her orgasm worthy ass.

The bell tinkled from above his head as he stepped into the busy diner. He didn't see George anywhere so he just sauntered up to the counter and sat down on one of the stools waiting for her to come out and serve him a nice juicy pie along with a nice view down her shirt. Dean could feel his jeans tighten just thinking about it.

He turned around and observed his surroundings. He could tell immediately which family was the one who arrived in the black car parked outside. They were a snobby looking couple. The women's hair a startling shade of yellow that was so obviously not natural it was almost comical. She looked like she was in her late twenties but Dean wouldn't be doubtful if someone told him that Botox was used to enhance her looks. But what he was sure about was that she had some work done on her tits. Funded by her husband no less.

He, on the other hand, looked too old to be strutting around with someone like her. His hair was snow white, streaked with black, and his skin was as wrinkled as Dean's clothes pre-laundry day.

There was a girl sitting between them, she appeared to be his age and tanned. She had blonde hair, obvious extensions put in. Her rack was bigger than George's but, surprisingly, it wasn't as appealing as hers.

She was wearing a shirt so low a priest would blush and cross himself just looking at it. To Dean, it still didn't give her the same sex appeal that George possessed. Fucking girl ruined me for life, he thought while he cursed under his breath.

He knew that this girl was exactly the kind he would have been all over. Now, all he could do was compare her to George.

George had better hair, a better nose, a genuine tan, and her freckles just made her adorably irresistible. George's eyes were a much clearer color, and he could get lost in them within a second. He never noticed stuff like this before. Hell, he didn't care about anything other than a good rack and a fine ass, all that other stuff was shit to him. But ever since he met George…man, she messed him up good.

This girl's eyes were a dull blue, almost grey. And they lacked the merriment and the catch-your-breath quality that George's emeralds had.

Either way he made a mental note to ask around and see who she was. Maybe she was good in bed, even if she wasn't as appealing as George was.

"The Emers family. Unofficial royalty of Stepford" a husky, familiar, voice said in his ear.

Dean literally jumped, he was so engrossed in his comparison between George and the girl that he hadn't heard her coming.

"Jesus Christ George"

She smiled at him mischievously.

"Did I scare you Winchester?"

"Course not, Reynolds" he grunted.

Her hair was in a tight ponytail, not a single strand came loose, and she wore a black long sleeve shirt, white washed jeans with an apron tied around her waist, black combat boots that she had drawn on with white out and eyes that never failed to melt him, as usual. The girl he guessed was Jean Emers looked plain now, almost homely, compared to the sex on legs standing in front of him.

"So that would be" Dean said, trying to ignore his twitching dick.

"Jean Emers yep. Official pain in the ass since 1978"

"What happened in '78?"

"She was born" George added a dramatic sigh for special effect, making Dean snort.

"Anyway if I don't get them their food they'll issue a complaint about some made up bugs or something and this place'll be swarming with fucking inspectors like last year"

Dean noticed that she was balancing a tray laden with food in her hand. She winked in his direction and then walked off to the table, her ponytail bouncing up and down. He leaned back on the counter and watched her go, enjoying his view to its full extent.

The comparison Dean made in his mind earlier was no match compared to the real thing. George looked like that Greek goddess Venus and Jean was Cinderella's ugly stepsister. Even though he had high doubts that someone like Jean could force George to clean a house.

He watched her laugh and smile fakely, he noticed immediately when her face fell though, and continued to watch as the whole atmosphere went from awkwardly cheery to uncomfortably hate filled within a few seconds. He saw her jot down something on her notebook then grab one of the plates she had just set down and stalk off to the kitchen, as she walked past him he heard her muttering curse words under her breath.

She came back out and stood behind the counter, her hands gripping the edge of the tabletop till her knuckles turned white. He turned around to look at her, a bewildered expression on his face, still trying to piece together how she had gone from happy and bubbly to glaring and hatred-filled so fast.


"Little Miss Priss has decided to not only be vegetarian, but vegan also. She says it's against her religion to slaughter living creatures for food and steal their produce"

"Her religion?"

"She's become Buddha"


"So now, I have to replace her carefully made, exactly three inches, specially cut cheese and turkey, grilled for exactly thirty seconds with a bread and tofu sandwich. Something we do not carry, making Harry put every other order on hold while he makes her the god damned motherfucking tofu"

"So I should leave?" Dean asked carefully.

"No no no you are not getting away that easy. I need to stay and prevent me from beating the living shit out of her"


"Because the well being of my dad's income is entirely dependent upon her father's happiness"

"Ah okay" Dean tried to sound as unconvinced as possible even though he never had any intentions of leaving in the first place.

"Please?" she leaned over the table, bending down low and pushing herself over it so that she was only a few inches away from him. Her lips came dangerously close to his and when he let his eyes trail down he could see down her shirt.

She definitely was not wearing a sports bra today.

"Like what you see Winchester?" she wet her lips and trapped her lower lip between her teeth, sucking on it gently, Dean's throat went parchment dry.

"Fuck yes" he croaked.

She smirked at him and tilted her head, bringing her lips to his ear.

"I'll even get you a pie if you want" he nodded and she leaned away from him, he heard her name being called and saw her glance over her shoulder.

She hopped off the tabletop and half-skipped, half-walked, through the door leading to the back. When she came back she was holding a plate with a sandwich on top of it.

"Apparently Harry's new girlfriend is a vegan also." She brushed past him before he could say anything and slammed the plate down in front of Jean, hard enough that he could hear it from where he sat.

George turned to walk away but Jean took advantage of her parents looking the other way and said something to George that Dean couldn't hear. He saw George stop in her tracks and clench her jaw. Her hands balled into fists and her whole body became tense as she breathed in deeply.

Dean got up quickly, remembering what he had promised earlier, or rather, what she had promised him. Jean glanced at him and smiled getting up quickly and skipping over to him.

"Hi. I'm Jean" Dean glanced up at George from over Jean's blonde head.

George was easily taller than Jean, she stood a good two inches above her, and was so much bigger in contrast. George was built differently, she was nimble but still Dean could tell she wouldn't be the easiest opponent to beat in a fight. Jean was tiny, not petite like some girls would say, but tiny.

George was rolling her eyes and muttering something to herself. From the few words he caught he could tell they were mostly swear words used in the most creative ways he had ever heard. She stormed past them and into the kitchens.

He directed his gaze back to the tiny girl in front of him and gave her his sexiest smile.

"I'm Dean" she smiled at him showing him perfect white teeth.

"You new here, Dean?"

"Moved here in July"

"Well. If you need any help I'm right here"

"I'll keep that in mind" Dean smirked and added a wink but he knew he already had her.

"Are you coming to school?"

"If we're here long enough"

"What do you mean?"

"We move around a lot. Because of my dad's job" she stepped closer to him, pressing her breasts against him.

"Well I hope you can stick around" her voice was breathy and it took Dean a few seconds to realize that it was meant to be sexy, he played along, smirking and looking down at her.

"I hope so too. It would be so disappointing to see your pretty little face all crushed and sad" the lies were coming thick and fast now, but Dean wanted to get laid.

He wasn't an expert in sex, and he didn't pretend he was (though he would never admit it) but he was only fourteen and just getting started. And he firmly believed in the practice makes perfect thing.

In fact, Dean had only lost his virginity a month before moving, and he was so wasted that he barely even remembered that night. Sure he had gotten really close with other girls, that he did remember, and he did jack-off whenever he could, or watch porn in the middle of the night or when Sam and dad were out somewhere. But he had never actually gotten inside any of them before.

"Give me your hand" she demanded.


"To write my number down silly" she giggled "and don't you wash it off by accident"

Dean produced his hand and she pulled out a pen from a purse that he had just noticed was hanging on shoulder. The pen was covered with glitter and rhinestones in different shades of pink and purple, and it was topped with a bunch of feathers and sequins in matching colors.

To him it was an absolutely nauseating sight and it even hurt his eyes a bit. He tried his best to look away from the eye catching pen as she jotted her number down on his hand.

"So. Where do you live?" she asked him, twirling the feathers between her hands.

"In the old Malone place" he responded.

He heard her little gasp, and her eyes widen with fear. She looked him up and down, surveying him like she was trying to figure something out. He smirked slightly and raising an eyebrow and cocking his head to the side.

"Something wrong Miss Emers?" he asked and she gave him a small smile.

"No of course not. But I mean, don't you know that place is haunted?"

"Oh come on. Don't tell me you believe in that ghost story crap."

"Well, I mean, yeah I guess-"

"It takes a lot more than a few stories about some kids' organs disappearing to scare me" she gave him an appreciative smile.

"You're so brave" she gushed, Dean gave her his cockiest smile.

"Thank you sweet cheeks" she grinned at him one last time before hurrying to join her parents.

Dean went into the kitchen in search of George, he found her outside talking to a guy with a blue mohawk and a pierced face. She was laughing, obviously in a much better mood. He said something that made George laugh and hug him, making Dean's stomach heat up with anger.

Or was it jealousy?

This was Erin he guessed, the guy with the colored hair and the piercing that would get in the way of any girl who would actually kiss him.

Dean coughed, feeling very awkward all of a sudden.

She pulled away to look at the intruder, curiosity lighting up her face. Once she saw that it was him her whole expression changed. She pulled away from Erin completely and giving him a huge grin.

"Hey Dean. This is Erin. Erin, this is Dean" she gestured to each of them as she said their names.

"Hey" Dean said, giving Erin a quick run-over with his eyes even though he had decided ages ago that he didn't like this guy.

"Hey" was Erin's reply, and Dean could tell from his expression that Mr. Mohawk didn’t think much of him either.

They looked at each other for a while, each making their own mental evaluation of the other, while George stood there, her hands clasped behind her back, bouncing on the balls of her feet, eyes darting between the two of them, trying to make sense of the silence.

"The bitch leave yet?" she asked Dean.

He shook his head no, finally adverting his gaze from Erin.

"Still eating"

"Fatass" he heard George mutter, earning a laugh from Dean and a hair ruffling from Erin.

It was an affectionate gesture, Dean wouldn't quite describe it as brotherly but he wouldn’t call it lovingly either.

Whatever it was it made his insides burn, and all the anger he felt before came back, the dose doubled this time.

"I better get back to work, Harry's finished up a couple of orders" she ran a hand over her face tiredly, like she was fed up of this whole thing, but Dean could tell she loved her job, it was only people like Jean Emers that pissed her off.

She walked to the door, squeezing Dean's shoulder as she passed him, and she gave him a warm smile before ducking her head and grabbing a tray that Dean recognized as the one she was carrying previously.

"Feisty girl, that one, really" Erin said as soon as he was out of earshot.
"Yeah" Dean responded with a small shrug of his shoulders.

Dean started moving closer to Erin, they were almost the same size, and he made a note of his features. He had a nose that looked like it had been broken more than once, an oval face and wide brown eyes. He had thin lips, pierced through the middle like George had said.

Erin took out a pack of cigarettes and offered him one, Dean shook his head and watched him light up a joint and bring it to his mouth.

"Aren't you a little young to be smoking" Dean asked with a cocked eyebrow, Erin shrugged his thin shoulders.

"Does it look like I give a fuck mate?" Erin responded, eyebrows raised.

Dean just shrugged in reply, not really interested in a fight right then. Erin suddenly threw down the cigarette and stamped it out, nodding his head at him.

"I gotta go, just dropped by to say a quick hello. Nice meeting you too though. Seeya 'round bruv" he clapped him on the back before turning around and heading out the back door.

He waited until the door closed completely before he took out his own pack of cigarettes and pulled out a joint for himself.


They ended up at Mrs. McDonald's place. George had suddenly remembered that she had called earlier, saying that there was something she wanted to give George, 'hinting' that she wanted to meet Dean.

"More like threatened to beat me with a stick if you didn't show"

Mrs. McDonald was an old lady of about seventy years old, and a mother of five boys. She had been living in town longer than anyone else and there wasn't a living soul she didn't know according to George. Her sons paid all her expenses and she didn't have a job, so naturally she had all the time in the world.

She usually filled up her time by doing idle things, sewing, baking pies for her friends and cookies for the kids and grandkids. She enjoyed the company of young people, stating that 'they made her feel younger' and she always seemed to have some wild story to tell them.
All in all George liked Mrs. McDonald, though she could be a bit nosy at times, but her delicious baking seemingly made up for it.

They checked up on Sam and her brothers and then continued their way to Mrs. Mcdonald's house. She greeted them with a huge smile and a hug for George before letting them in and leading them to her living room. It seemed like almost everything had pink lace hanging from it, and white ribbons attached to it.

"I know this isn't the most manly house you could be in" she said to Dean, as if reading his thoughts.

"But you've got to remember, I'm a sweet old lady, so no comments on my china" she winked at him and Dean gave her a small smile, waiting for her to look away before glancing at George for reassurance.

He found her holding laughter.

She sat them down, side by side, on the smallest couch in her living room. George was practically sitting on his lap, but neither of them complained.

"Now don't you two move. I'll be right back"

With that being said she bustled off to the kitchen presumably.

"Under any other circumstances I would find this very enjoyable but right now it's just awkward" Dean stated as soon as the old woman was gone.

George smirked and leaned back in a seemingly comfortable position, her head was resting on his shoulder now and he could smell her shampoo.

"Just let her play matchmaker and then we're outta here. Just relax Winchester" was her short reply.

She seemed perfectly at ease with the situation, but she wasn't the one dealing with an erection.

"Easy for you to say" was his reply, it came out harsher than he had meant it to but this didn't seem to bother George, all she did was smirk.

"Awe, well don't you two look absolutely adorable? Yes your skin colors go perfectly well together. And your eye colors too. You really are too cute for words" she sighed and placed a tray laden with cookies and cake on the table.

Dean glanced at George, a blank look on his face, though he suspected she was holding in laughter. Dean sighed in as low a voice as he could muster and turned back to the old woman in front of him, trying his best not to seem rude.

George reached over to grab a cookie, forcing her to shift her position so that her hip bone was digging into his groin. Dean grimaced and hissed.

"George" his voice was breathy and there was a sort of pleading behind it.
"Oh shit I'm sorry. You okay?" Dean nodded in response.

She went back to her original position and put her hand on his shoulder, inspecting him from top to bottom for god knows what. But in the end she seemed satisfied enough to lean back against him.

Mrs. McDonald was smiling during this whole affair, sipping at her cup of tea. When she was done she started asking questions as Dean knew she would eventually get to.

“So, Dean is it? So Dean where were you living before you moved here?”

“Uhm I was born in Lawrence but we moved away when I was pretty young and ever since then we’ve just been going from town to town, my dad’s job didn’t really give us much opportunity to just settle down in one place”

“Oh you poor thing. Well, you’ll be staying here for the rest of the year yes?”
Dean shrugged and he felt George shift against him slightly to put as little effort against his groin as possible.

“Well, no matter how long you stay I’m sure George there will make you feel right at home” she winked at George’s direction and he felt George shift against him uncomfortably.
A quick glance at her told him that her face was actually reddening and that she was smiling back at Mrs. McDonald, giving her a forced, sheepish smile that didn’t really fill up her entire face.

“So you’ll be going to school with my George yes? Isn’t she just the most adorable thing you've ever seen? First time I saw her she was a tiny thing but now she's all grown up. Ain't exactly the worst looking companion, Dean?" she sent him a wink in his direction and this time, when he looked at George, her face was as red as a tomato, if not worse.
Dean gave Mrs. McDonald a hearty laugh.

"Yes ma'am, she's real easy on the eyes" Dean winked at George this time and she grew even redder, a few seconds ago he didn't even think that was possible.

"Well I appreciate this flattery, really I do, but why don't we talk about something else?"

"Aw we embarrassed the poor dear. Alright we'll change the subject. Why don't you two tell me what it is young people do nowadays? I find that the answers become wilder and wilder with each generation"

George and Dean shrugged and then she said.

"Nothin' much really, just walking around playing basketball, not anything interesting"

"Really? I expected something a lot more interesting. Have either of you ever gone skydiving?" to Dean it seemed totally irrelevant but he tried to seem interested.

"No ma'am I haven't" was Dean's response.

"Oh you really should, and together too it would be so adorable wouldn't it. You know, I have these friends, they went skydiving and then they just couldn't keep their hands off each other that they did right there in the air. Now don't you go off doing that. A nice comfortable bed
is what you need. And maybe-"

"Okay really, that's enough thank you Mrs. McDonald" George's expression was that of bewilderment.

Dean, personally, was amused and he decided right then and there, that he liked Mrs. McDonald.

"Oh neither of you have to hide it honey. I can feel the attraction from here" she wiggled her eyebrows at them and winked.

George buried her face in her hands and Dean and Mrs. McDonald laughed in unison.

"I hate all of you" was George's muffled comeback.

"Well, if you ever stop hating me tell me what happens between you two will you? But if I die, don't you go talking to my grave okay? I think that's really cheesy"

George's shoulders shook with laughter and she pulled her face out of her hands.

"That's real nice Mrs. McDonald, real nice" George smiled at the old lady and the old lady smiled back.

They spent an hour at Mrs. McDonald's house, eating her delicious baking and listening to her trying to get them together, or listening to her occasional sexual joke about the two of them.

At the doorstep she told Dean to kiss George if he ever wanted to eat her cookies again.

"That's really unnecessary Mrs. McDonald" had been George's nervous reply.

"Nonsense if I say he has to kiss you than it's necessary"

George glanced at Dean, an inquiring look on her face.

"If the old lady says it's necessary, then it's necessary" he shrugged, giving her an innocent look.

George sighed in mock exasperation.

"If you must, you must"

Dean leaned in, his heart thudding in anticipation, stepping closer to her too. He brought a hand up to get tangled in her hair.

Her hands flew up to clutch his shoulders, the fabric of his shirt bunching up in her fists.

"Dean" she whispered, almost fearfully.
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Re: Please continue :(((
Thank you so much
Yes I do plan on writing more.
I've begun on the 7th chapter
It means so much to me that you're following my story :DD

And you should now that I won't be posting new chapters here anymore.

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Thank you!!!
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Re: haha youre great
Lmao it was actually going to be hella longer and it was supposed to have something else but I couldn't resist ending it like that ^-^
And yes I agree 3 AM is definitely the best fanfic hour XD